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男女之间.公司 (RACE/UTF: N537L973KE4BP5F4.L16CL3F8)
Registrant of record:
HaoCute Technology

Published Registrant:
HaoCute Technology
16/11, Pembroke Street
Sydney NSW 2121

Name Servers:
#1: NS1.ChineseDN.COM
#2: NS2.ChineseDN.COM

Domain created on 2001-02-27 08:02:56
Domain updated on 2001-02-27 08:02:56
Domain expires on 2003-02-27 08:02:56

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男女之间.公司 (gb)
好酷.公司 (gb)

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Contact information
[Organizational contact][Administrative contact][Technical contact][Billing contact] maintains four separate contacts for each domain. Please choose the contact above that you wish to change or update. It is important that you keep your contact information current and accurate. As part of our agreement with, makes this information public via our website and/or whois server.

Current Organizational Contact
HaoCute Technology
16/11, Pembroke Street
Sydney, NSw 2121

        Hao Guo
61-2-412703945 (phone)

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Nameservers are machines on the Internet which convert domain names into numerical addresses that computers can understand. Your domain name must use at least one nameserver in order to function properly. You can use the default nameservers provided by (ie. NS1.ChineseDN.COM and NS2.ChineseDN.COM), or you can use the nameservers provided by your web hosting company or IT manager.

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URL forwarding
UnicodeDN can forward your domain to an existing website at another URL. You can forward your domain to a free or community-based website that you maintain through another company. If you maintain an existing website with a hosting company, you can forward your domain to an IP address which they supply.

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Frame Forwarding also forwards visitors to your URL. However, the visitor's Location or Address bar continues to display your domain name, and will not display the destination URL.

DNS Hosting allows you to point your domain at an IP address using A and MX records.

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Email forwarding
With email forwarding, all email that is sent to addresses at your domain will be automatically forwarded to an existing email account. Email addressed to,, or even will be forwarded to the destination email address supplied below.

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Billing Activity (100143)
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Invoice# Date Description Amount (US$)
100133 2001-02-27 07:29:22 Credit card payment received (Ref# 190934540) -80.00
100133 2001-02-27 07:29:22 new reg:好酷.公司 (gb) L97DP177.L16CL3F8 80.00
100134 2001-02-27 08:02:56 Credit card payment received (Ref# 190938529) -80.00
100134 2001-02-27 08:02:56 new reg:男女之间.公司 (gb) N537L973KE4BP5F4.L16CL3F8 80.00
100137 2001-02-27 09:36:28 Credit card payment received (Ref# 190946908) -72.00
100137 2001-02-27 09:36:28 new 36.00
100137 2001-02-27 09:36:28 new 36.00